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Casket Outlet's caskets are made from the finest materials with the care and detailing that only hand crafting can...



  • Wood Caskets

    Casket Outlet | Canada Affordable Wooden Casket Company | Handcraft Quality Caskets Retail Store | Quality, Unique Caskets, Save Up to 75% than Funeral Homes | Wide Selection, Free Delivery.

  • Metal Caskets

    Casket Outlet - Metal Caskets

  • Cremation Caskets

    Wood Casket - Cremation Caskets. Quality Casket, Wood Construction

  • Special Offer

    Wood Casket - Special Prices

  • Rental Caskets

    Rental Caskets

  • Infant Caskets

    Baby, Infant and Young Child Caskets

  • Casket Vaults

    casket vaults

  • Lifetunes

    LifeTunes Designs Option offers a variety of choices to help meet the needs and desires of indeviduals. Select one of our personalization offerings to creat a unique and meaning ful tribute to loved one.

  • Head Panel

    Casket head panels add the love and blessings on your loved ones. Casket Outlet offers many head panel inserts to easily customize the casket.

  • Cross for Casket

    Cross For Casket