Ceramic Pictures for Headstones

History of Ceramic Pictures

Ceramic Pictures have been used since the mid-1800's to adorn monuments and headstones with a likeness of the person whom the tombstone is for. Over the years the processes of transferring an image to a porcelain tablet have been refined through pioneering techniques, which have resulted in absolutely magnificent replications of an original photograph. Many people now days are choosing to mount a tombstone ceramic picture on the headstone that marks the final resting place of their loved one. This allows for personalization of the headstone and a permanent remembrance of the departed loved one.

Construction and Available Shapes

Tombstone ceramic pictures are made from a porcelain or ceramic tablet in which color pigments have been baked at over 800°C. Colors will not fade in any weather conditions. Our line of tombstone ceramic pictures is available in color or black & white and they carry a lifetime guarantee against fading. They come in the traditional oval shape, a rectangular shape and they are now available in the heart shape. There is also a variety of open frames and locking cover frames to enhance the beauty of the portrait and protect it.

Applications for Ceramic Pictures

The applications for tombstone ceramic pictures are many. The most popular use is that of adorning the tombstone or grave memorial of a loved one. They can also be mounted it to a granite bench, flat granite or bronze headstone, and mausoleum or crypt front. Some people even use the smaller versions for mounting on the flat surface of certain cremation urns. Others have even used them to mount on an outside wall of a building. Whatever the application the ease of installation makes it possible to mount these beautiful tombstone ceramic pictures almost anywhere.